Apocalyptic Humour: Antichrist a nice guy

From Weekly World News:

“The Antichrist’s rise to power is nothing to fear,” declares Bible scholar Jon Hornsworth of Atlanta.

“He will be a unifying figure whose sound policies revitalize the global economy and put an end to international conflict.”

Most people familiar with End Times prophecies in the Book of Revelation assume the Antichrist will be an evil dictator.

But that’s dead wrong, the expert says.

“Nowhere in the Bible is the word ‘evil’ used to describe the Antichrist,” Hornsworth notes.

“For that matter, ‘Antichrist’ isn’t in there either — the Bible calls him the Beast.

That suggests a being like the one in the fairy tale Beauty and the Beast — fearsome and misunderstood, but ultimately turning out to have a heart of gold.

Other headlines include:

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