Blog Trumps Trad Media

A link from new media musings blog to sindikk.aeshin
who notes that:

As of 8:42 this morning, the top headline on Google News was a blog. [Daily Kos on Bush Kerry Debate] That’s a first as far as I know. The algorithms have spoken, and the most relevant source of news on the 2004 Presidental debate isn’t a “news organization,” it’s a guy with a brain and a text editor. Looks like Dave Winer might win his bet.

And in another post on bloggers and the real news from new media musings a transcirpt of the Daily Show. Jon Stewert interviews a reporter about to cover the debate:

Helms: We write the narratives in advance based on conventional wisdom, and whatever happens we make it fit that storyline.

Stewart: Why?

Helms: We’re lazy? Lazy thinkers?

Stewart: But what happens if actual news happens?

Helms: That’s what bloggers are for.

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