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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Feeling a little depressed today

I just discovered that two other superheroes, The Incredible Hulk and The Green Arrow, both have their own blogs. And guess what? Compared to their blogs, mine sucks!

Why oh why can’t I ever be the first superhero on the block to play with the latest toys???

Thanks to Google Blogscoped for the tip. Its a great site about all things google and other stuff! From the about page:

Another interesting aspect of the Google phenomenon is that this site, its company, its people, and its fans, are behaving a little like Google is more than just a website. People have feelings toward Google. They think of the Googlebot as a human visitor, walking around their server, looking here and there, and taking with him words, sentences, titles, graphics and whole pages. They analyze the Google Dance. They’re into Googlebombing, Googlewashing, Googlology, Googlosophy. They are using “google” as a verb (it’s found its way into online dictionaries, even). In short, people behave like there’s someone out there knowing them. Google has managed to keep to its roots, and is constantly rewarded. As soon as something seems to change, people cry out, complaining. This blog is also reporting on this social phenomemon.

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