Tom Brokaw Calls Blogging “Political Jihad”

Tom Brokaw Calls Blogging “Political Jihad” from blacklily8 at Kairosnews:

Seemingly, no anchor refrains from doling out vitriol on bloggers–even old Cronkite referred to us as “scandamongers.”

This really ties in quite nicely with a theme I’m building into my dissertation about “gatekeepers” and their growing resentment towards free culture as it exists on the internet. The days when people were content to listen to commercial “journalists” like Rather, Brokaw, and Jennings are slowly coming to an end, and more people are realizing that if they want the REAL news, they’ll have to turn to their trusted bloggers. Perhaps the sun is also setting on Horkheimer and Adorno’s Culture Industry…Let us hope.

2 thoughts on “Tom Brokaw Calls Blogging “Political Jihad”

  1. Bloggers threaten the prestige and credibility of news anchors. It’s easy to see why there is so much backlash. Another group of people who value prestige and credibility are academics. How long until we see similar backlash from this group- the very group we are attempting to convert into blogger advocates?

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