The mythos of any community is the bearer of something which exceeds its own frontiers; it is the bearer of other possible worlds…It is in this horizon of the ‘possible’ that we discover the universal dimensions of symbolic and poetic language.
- Paul Ricoeur

I’m an academic and journalist, currently a lecturer in journalism in the School of Creative Writing and Journalism at the University of Wollongong

I was editor of Sydney Star Observer, Australia’s oldest and largest circulation gay and lesbian weekly newspaper from 1999 until early 2006. Prior to that I worked primarily in magazines doing a range of arts journalism. In the early nineties I was Melbourne editor of Monument – one of Australia’s leading architecture and design magazines and movies editor of SBS television’s subscriber magazine, Ariel.
I’ve written widely about art and architecture, gay/lesbian issues, religion, music, film and journalism.

I’m doing a Ph.D at the University of Technology Sydney, where I previously taught part-time in the journalism program.

My main research interests are:

  • mythical constructs used in news and feature reporting;
  • the links between journalism and popular culture;
  • apocalyptic narratives in journalism and film in a post September 11 world;
  • blogging, hypertext and online media.
  • narratives of teaching and learning
  • assessment and standards in professional education

Marcus O’Donnell December 2007

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