Academic Papers

These are examples of some of my recent work. I am going to keep this entry as a permalink on my about page and update it regularly.

MA Minor Thesis (Completed 2003)

Myth and meaning in the Sydney Morning Herald’s Good Weekend: an analysis of narrative journalism

Theory chapter on myth Download thesis2.pdf

Case Study 1: The young prince’s nightmare: a myth of family drama Download thesis4.pdf

Case Study 2: The trace of Condoleezza Rice:a moral quest Download thesis5.pdf

Peer-reviewed Journal Articles

O’Donnell, M., 2003, “Preposterous Trickster: myth, news, the law and John Marsden,” Media Arts Law Review 2003/4 Download malr_8.4 m_od.pdf

O’Donnell, M., 2003, “Hate Speech, freedom, rights and political cultures,” UTS Law Review, Issue 5

O’Donnell, M., 2004, “Going to the chapel media narratives of same sex marriage,” Pacific Journalism Review, 10(1). Download pjrodonnell.pdf

O’Donnell, M., 2004, “Star Wars: Patterns of change in community journalism at the Sydney Star Observer,” Australian Studies in Journalism, Issue 13 (forthcoming)

O’Donnell, M., 2004, ““Bring it on”: the apocalypse of George W. Bush,” Media International Australia Incorporating Culture and Policy, No 113, (forthcoming). Download Longer Version.pdf